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Komui's laboratory 「Danwashitsu」 No.1
From D.Gray-man Vol.3

(Ryui: This is actually Hoshino-san's answers for questions he received from other people and he answered some of them in his comic book. So here I translate that bit. By the way, Dawnwashitsu means a chatroom)

Q1. Many of the characters come from different places, but which language do they communicate with?
A. English. The most used language. Of course Kanda speaks English as well.

Q2. While the comic goes along with the story, sometimes a rabbit appears.
What is it?
Does it have a name?
A. Link to the picture:…:
That is the animal Tantou(The person in charge) Y-shi made.
It's/his name is Yoshi/Yosshy(sp?). I used him once before and I liked it so I use him quite often now.
I'm wondering if I should make an AKUMA like this rabbit. (to annoy Y-shi)

Q3. What is the meaning of D.Gray-man?
A. I just made it up. There's a lot of meaning to it.
It can apply to Allen and or other characters.....
And by the way, before I chose this title, I was going to make this comic title 'DOLLS'.
And before that, I was thinking of 'Kuro Noah' (Ryui: kuro noah means Black Noah) or'ZONE'.


「Danwashitsu」  No.2

Q1. Is Tim (Timcanpy) which was on Cross shisho's head, the same Tim that Allen has right now?
A. They're both Timcanpy, the one and only.

Q2.It seems that Timcanpy is getting bigger?
A. Yes. He is growing (?) up. I got permission from Tantou Y-shi so I'm thinking of drawing Timcanpy bigger!! (*glittering eyes*)

Q3. Does Hakushaku (the earl of millenium) really have rabbit ears?
A. Maybe...Ufufufufu


「Danwashitsu」  No.4

(Ryui: Sorry guys. I missed out No.3 because it was boring and had nothing to do with DGray.)

Q1. Can you tell me your profile, Hoshino sensei? (Ryui: sensei means teacher)
A. I'm from Shiga prefecture, my birthday is on 21st of April, I am Oushi za (Ryui: Star sign in Japanese) and my blood type is O.
I love curry, taking a bath, the color black and inside my bed.
I hate bananas, milk and miso soup.
If there was a banana in my house, I would want to throw it out of my house just by seeing one, that's how much I hate it.

Q2. The most easiest character to draw is?
A. Hakushaku and Hevlaska.
The most hardest is Allen, Kanda and Cross shisho...(mostly mains)

Q3. Where do you normally think of ideas for the story?
A. Mostly when I'm taking a bath. I often fall asleep in it and sometimes end up sleeping in the bath for 6 hours, so last time I saw Tanto Y-shi, he told me to stop doing that.

Q4. What kind of pens are you using?
A. Zebra=G pen and maru pen. The normal one.


「Danwashitsu」  No.5

Q1. What kind of tempura does Kanda like?
A. Pumpkin and Shishitou (Ryui: EXTREMEMLY HOT RED PEPPERS) and Renkon (Ryui: Lotus root..or should I say roots of a lotus flower?)

Q2. If it was out of 100%, how much would Komui's trust be?
A. 99% trust, 1% Urge to kill

Q3. The coffee Komui drinks a lot of, is it coffee beans? Or is it instant coffee? Tell me the type as well, please.
A. Normal coffee beans. The type is Blue Moutain.

Q4. Who is the most smartest and most smartest and the most stupid out of Kanda, Allen, Lavi and Lenalee?
A. (stupid) Kanda→Allen→Lavi→Lenalee (smartest)

Q5. How much does Hakushaku weigh?
A. 85kg

Q6. What's the monban's (gate keeper's) name?
A. Alestina= Drew= Gyonathan= P= Ruboson= Gear= Amadeus No.5-san. It's the fifth gatekeeper.


「Danwashitsu」 No.6

Q1. What is the meaning of Timcanpy's name?
A. I got this name from a sliver accessory brand.
I like the names so sometimes I get my character names from there.

Q2. If Reever hadn't been a Kyoudan member, what would his career would have been?
A. A private detective or a school teacher.

Q3. What type of shampoo does Kanda use?
A. He uses soap

Q4. In D.Gray-man Vol.2, did Allen really eat that much in 10 minutes?
A. He most certainly did.

Q5. Sensei, what's love?
A. ..... IF only I could draw that out in a comic.


「Danwashitsu」  No.7

Q1. Why does Komui wear slippers?
A. It feels comfortable. If he wears shoes all the time, his feet will start to stink and he will get hated by Lenalee.

Q2. Does Hakushaku wash his loving coat?
A. He does wash it. Hakusahku is a person who takes care of precious thinks which belongs to him so he takes good care of his coat too.

Q3. Why does Allen eat huge amounts of food?
A. Everybody who is 'Kisei' type eat huge amounts of food. Actually, exorcists who have innocence as part of their body, their strength lessens more quicker than people like Kanda who have 'soubi' type.

Q4. Is Kanda a guy or a girl?
A. DEFINETLY and POSTIVELY a GUY with no confusion whatsoever.

Q5. Is Allen a lefty?
A. He is both.

Q6. What's inside Komui's bureau (french hat)?
A. Secret. Some of the Kyoudan people have rumours saying that they hear noise out of that hat, and stuff like that...


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