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Komui's laboratory 「Danwashitsu」 No.1
From D.Gray-man Vol.4

(Ryui: This is actually Hoshino-san's answers for questions he received from other people and he answered some of them in his comic book. So here I translate that bit. By the way, Dawnwashitsu means a chatroom)

Allen (Narrator reading fan letters"…"

★U-m, hajimemashite. (Nice to meet you). I am Allen Walker. The author Hoshino seems to have trouble with stomach ache, so today's danwashitsu corner, I will be answering. Yoroshiku everyone. Okay, so let's start.

Q. If Allen, Rara, Kanda, Lenalee, Lavi and bookman did arm wrestling, who would be the best?
A.Is using innocence allowed? If so, I would be the best. (*^^*)
Oh, but I can not let any girls lose to me so I will not use full power so probably Lenalee and Rara would be first, then me, and the rest would be below. (*^^*)

Q. Why does Cross gensui (general) hate the Kyoudan?
A. I... do not want to talk about shisho... I feel like vomiting at mentioning about him...

Q. Why was Allen wearing a cloth around his head in the first chapter of D.Gray-man Vol.1?
A. I just used it instead of a hat.
(※ The real reason was to hide his white hair)


「Danwashitsu」  No.2

Q. Why does Kanda call Allen 'moyashi'?
A. I do not know. He is so impolite isn't he? That ponytail! Where abouts am I a moyashi. (*puffing up cheeks*)

Q. What is Allen's real eye color?
A. Oh, a lot of people asked this question. Um, well my real eye color is silver-grey. With color, tantou Y-shi and Hoshino-san changes my eyes to blue and red and other colors just for fun. But actually, it was only recently that they decided my eyes were silver-grey.

Q. What is everybody in the Kyoudan doing for taking a bath? Does everybody have an en suite?
A. Oh, bath. There are no baths in rooms. Oh, shall we go and see, then? (*stands up*)
Okay, follow me. Let's go-. (to dawashitsu No. 3)


「Danwashitsu」  No.3



「Danwashitsu」  No.4

Q. Tell me Kanda and Allen's favorite type of girl
A. Eeh? (*blush*) M-my favorite type.... Um... well, for me, I love girls who are really good at cooking. Girls with aprons on look cute. (*dreamy*)
If a girl makes me mitarashi dango everybody, I will probably fall in love with her.

Q. Do you have a girlfriend?
A. N-no! (*shakes head to and fro*) There is no time since there are so many missions...
As for Kanda, his girlfriend is probably Mugen. (Randomly answers for Kanda again)

Q. How many types of cooking can Jeryy-san make?
A. Jeryy-san can make absolutely anything. Really!
And all of them tastes really good (*dreamy*)

Q. Komui wakes up instantly when somebody says 'Lenalee-chan is going to marry'. But isn't there another way to wake him up?
A.As far as I know, no. It must be hard for Reever-san and the others. Keep up the great work guys!

Q. How long has Komui not cleaned up his desk?
A. I don't know..... I don't go there often so.... Oh, but last time when Komulin destroyed bits of the Kyoudan (D.Gray-man Vol.3), Reever-san and the others cleaned up Komui-san's desk along with wrecked rooms and things...
But the next day, it was back just the way it was.


「Danwashitsu」  No.5

Q. What does Allen think of Lenalee's really, really short skirt?
A. All males like mini skirts.
But sometimes I wonder if she isn't cold.

Q. Every exorcists' uniform style seems to be different, but is there a reason for it?
A. Yes there is. The scientific members make it for us and they often ask what design I would like.
As for me, I asked for a hood to hide Timcanpy who is gradually getting bigger. It was okay when Tim was little but recently he is being noticed by people walking down streets and they stare at me strangely.
(※ The real reason is to hide his white hair)

Q. What's the name of the cat which was catching Timcanpy in D.Gray-man Vol.2 in the author's comment section?
Here kitty:…
A. Ah-. IT's cute isn't it? That neko-chan(cat) (*dreamy*). That was Hoshino-san's lovingly cat Koro-chan

Q. How many chocolates did you get on Valentine's day? Who got the most?
A. I got 115. The most chocolates recieved was me.
(*^^*) Thank-you. Gochisousama deshita.

Oh, it seems that the time is up. Today's dawashits ends here. It was enjoyable to speak to you guys. See you again soon.

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