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Reverse Vol. 2:Story No. 1 (page 009) Part 1

1000 Tragedy…

* * *

His name is Sennen hakushaku (The earl of Millenium). The person who leads the world to an end.
Point ears with a huge mouth.
What he likes, is tragedy.

The mountain pile of telephones are ringing.

Surrounded by the mountain pile of telephones, again Hakushaku is laughing today.

Hakushaku's telephones are always connected to tragedy.
Uncountable tragedy is happening all around the world, and Hakushaku is waiting for all of those.
For the sad eggs (souls) to become an Akuma.

Hakushaku takes off.
He walks with light footsteps into town.
The red-brown stones layed out as a pavement looks like chocolate.
And lively music is heard from the distance.
In the sky, there is a bright balloon, the colour of a lollypop, floating away.

And the sound of people laughing.
It seems that today is a day of matsuri (festival).
In the crowd, Hakushaku walks as if he is being pulled by the crowd but soon stops abruptly.

A small infant had grabbed Hakushaku's sleeve.
Dark red woollen hat and a brown coat. An autumn coloured child.
A child so small that he could be able to lift this infant with just a hand.
On that red cheeks of the infant's, tears starts rolling down.

"WhaT are yoU?"

"Okaasa-n, where are you-" (okaa-san: mum)
The crying child tries does not let go of Hakushaku.
The small hand of the infant is holding onto Hakushaku's sleeve tightly.

"There is no choicE:heart:"
From Hakushaku's pocket, he brought out a piggy-back string.
As Hakushaku straps the infant onto his back, Hakushaku takes off again.

Hakushaku is going out (outdoors) with an infant on his back.

They go off to a town in the East.
There, there will be temples and statues, and it has a calm atmosphere.
Black hair, black-eyed people stare at Hakushaku in suprise.
Well there is no suprise there since Hakushaku does have pointy ears with a weird hat, he is like the deadly looking flower Rafflesia in the middle of a path full of weeds.
In front of one of the houses in a line, Hakushaku stopped in his steps.
In this house, there is a mang who has put to an endless sleep (death).

Next to him is a very young lady who is weeping.
As many times as the lady brushes her black hair away, it falls back into place which looks like a river of ink.
Her voices is raspy and can hardly talk anymore.
But the lady still does not try to stop crying.
Hakushaku nears the lady and talk.

"What has happeneD?"
The lady who had tears staining on her cheeks looks up at him and is like a flower with the mornings dew drops.

"'Let's live together', that is what he had promised at our wedding and now he has left me behind, to the hands of God."

"Then let us bring him bacK. From the disgusting hands of goD:heart:"
From the lady, a flush of colour of hope rose.
Her tiredful eyes strat regaining strength.
She has not realised.

Right now, that she has just started move a step foward onto the stairway to lead to the stage of death penalty.
She wouldn't have dreamt of it.
That her tragedy is going to become more dreadful.


"It is very easY. The only thing you have to do is just to call the name of your beloved persoN:heart:"

"Is that it?"
The lady lets out a suprised gasp.
Taking the heart (feelings) of the hopeful lady, he takes more advantage into convincing her.

Hakushaku's words are poison.

But to the lady, it sounds like sweet honey.
A sweet honey that you just cannot resist into reaching your hand out towards it.

".....You can't....Bring back a person from the dead"
The lady's heart starts moving.
Hakushaku smiles sweetly.

"Try thinking about pleasE. I will come back again, lateR:heart:"
She looks at Hakushaku as if worshipping him.
Yes, because the only person who can revive people from the dead is only this Sennen Hakushaku.
Hakushaku can feel as if he has already grasped her heart completly into his hands.
The next time they meet, the lady will surely call.
Th name of her loved. Eagerly. For her voice to reach to heaven----.
Without stopping to care what torsion she was going to make by changing the law of nature and of life.
(Ryui:Does this grammar make sense? O.O?)
Not knowing what big compensation was awaiting her.
She will get returned. Her husband's soul which was moving in the direction towards the other world. (Afterlife)
And so--- from another tragedy, another will reborn.(Akuma)

The infant was looking at the scene wide-eyed.


<to be continued...>

* * *


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