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Happy New Year everyone! Hello and thank you to those who have become a member of this club.
I, :iconneko-shounen: is the club owner/founder (call me Cye) and have made this club about 5 years ago since there weren't much D.Gray-man fans or clubs out there.
I decided to create more fans and get people to know about the manga.

I don't mind handing this club over to someone else to organize some events and etc.
What do they call it, Co-Founders? yeah, and help me out with making this club more lively and active.
So if you're interested in that, please do send me a note.

People tend to ask me about the naming of the club so here it is:
D.Gray is the shortened term for D.Gray-man which Japanese people refer to, since they like to shorten words all the time. For example, Full Metal Alchemist or in other words, Hagane no Renkinjyutsushi, they are shortened to FullAl (furu-aru) or HagaRen.
And the next part, the CHARA, where everybody is confused with.
It comes from the word 'character'.
In Japanese, once again, they shorten words, so when they talk about characters, they just say the first half of the original word, 'chara'. (Pronounced 'kyara' due to character being pronounced as 'kyarakuta-')

The lack of competitions here in this club is due to the lack of participants in each competition, making it not worth an event.
So if people want competitions to be held again, then come tell me and I'll consider it depending on how many people are actually really bothered in doing it.
Otherwise this club is just where you submit your D.Gray deviations to advertise your work, and a place where you can read D.Gray-man Reverse in English.
If you have any problems, suggestions or just want to talk to me, you be my guest.

Thank you,



:bulletred:★HOW TO JOIN & RULES★:bulletred:


This club has changed around a bit.
Now it is free to SUBMIT and to JOIN.
Please feel free to hang around and be a free D.Gray fan.
You won't get kicked out if you're not participating much.
As long as you are a D.Gray-man supporter, you're welcome to join.


+The fan-art that are submitted here have to be purely made by the deviant artist, NOT from the original manga volumes or anime, meaning they can NOT be things that are copied from the original whatsoever!

+Tracing or drawing while looking at the original is absolutely fine, but coloring in actual manga pages are forbidden.
Collabs do you call them? They are NOT YOUR WORK!

+NEITHER are stamps and little clips that have the anime stuck on them.
They are NOT YOUR CREATION. You just framed clips.
That is the same thing is disobeying rules to copyright.

+Cosplays are absolutely fine.

+Yaoi, yuri is okay if it's not too extreme. I will judge myself on that.
Probably up to only kissing and hugging.


+No R18 images or photos, meaning NO INAPPROPRIATE DEVIATIONS ALLOWED.

+No characters with other characters other than D.Gray, or other characters looking trying to symbolize the D.Gray characters (only).

+No OC's (only).


People who want to read start the manga:……


:bulletred:★★SpecIAlITY Of THIS club THAT DIffeRS fROM THe OTHeR clubS!!★★:bulletred:

I, the founder of this club is also a translator and translates the D.Gray-man REVERSE stories that many people requests since they have no access to English written stories of it, and also the mini character info in between the manga volumes -which do not appear in online manga- called the 'Danwashitsu' series directly translated as the 'common room' or 'forum'.
I don't remember clearly since I don't have it here with me right now (living away from home),( but I have the feeling that this was named as specifically 'Komui's forum'.
And they are all currently in process which I would have to submit when I get back home in the holidays, anyway,) so here it is:  


D.Gray-man Reverse Vol.2
Chapter 3
(finished but somehow lost the last few paragraphs during renovation... I will go find it and bring it back soon...)

"Black Kyoudan Party"…


D.Gray-man Reverse Vol.2
Chapter 1
(still in process)

"1000 Tragedy"…


Danwashitsu #1…

Danwashitsu #2…


:bulletred:And DGrayCHARA's original ★Chara Vote★:bulletred:


:bulletblack:☆Exorcist☆: →Lavi (20votes) →Allen Walker (19 votes) →Kanda Yu(13 votes)

:bulletpurple:†NOAH&†: →Tyki Mikk (23 votes) →Road Kamelot (18 votes) →Devit (9 votes)

:bulletblue:*Innocence*: →Crown Clown (15 votes), →Mugen (13 votes), →Dark Boots (11 votes)

The rest of the…


:bulletred:★CORRECTIONS OF SPELLING!!★:bulletred:

Please, please, PLEASE everyone! Spell the DGray character names correctly, how the spelling is according to Hoshino-san( The author of DGray comics)!

★Yu Kanda
★Lenalee Lee
★Allen Walker
★Komui Lee
★Reever Wenhamm
★Miranda Lotto
★Arystar Krory
★Noise Marie
★Cross Marian
★Froi Tiedoll
★Suman Dark
★Daisya Barry
★Kevin Yeegar
★The Earl of Millennium
★Road Kamelot
★Tyki Mikk

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momonekochan Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
I haven't submitted art here yet, are there any rules to submitting i should know about? ^^' Or do I just hit cintribute and put something in? ( I figured i should ask since some groups have really strict rules about submitting)
Neko-Shounen Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay. Just send in anything and if its not allowed, then I'll just decline or delete.
momonekochan Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010
So do i send the link in a note or press the button at the top of the page? @w@ Sorry I want to make sure I got everything right so i don't screw anything up. ^^
Neko-Shounen Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't really get what you mean when you say press the button at the top of the page, but there should be a button saying contribute art. That will let you submit your thing and I will most probably accept the submission
momonekochan Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010
Okay thankyou! Sorry for the confusiopn! i am really thankful! I can't wait to put somethig up!
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